Is it a Genuine Natural Freshwater or Fake Pearl?

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Pearls jewelry are some of the most unique and elegant jewelry. Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, and Bracelets with pearls are very popular. That attracts many businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in them hoping to seize a portion of the pearls jewelry market. There is a high demand for freshwater pearls as well as simulated pearls. Typically, freshwater pearls cost more and that what makes some businesses claim that their simulated/artificial pearls jewelry is made of natural freshwater pearls. They make more profits while deceiving thousands of customers.

For an expert, it is easy to differentiate a freshwater pearl (ex. Check out our Elegant Necklace) from a fake/simulated pearl (ex. Check out our Flawless Black Simulated Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace). Don't get me wrong, both necklaces are so beautiful and I absolutely love the chain of the necklace with the simulated pearl I just showed you. If the pearl on that one is natural, it wouldn't be $39 only! Going to our main point, how could an average customer differentiate? It is not that convenient or efficient to buy the jewelry and make a visit to a jewelry maker or someone with an experience in the industry. Plus, asking to test and evaluate your jewelry is expensive. Don't worry, I got your back! I am going to give you a few simple tips that will allow you to test your pearls and find out if they are real!

1- They cannot be perfect! What if you get a perfectly spherical and smooth pearl claimed to be a natural one? Most likely it is fake. A real freshwater pearl will almost always have imperfections (Just like this absolutely Elegant Bracelet). Therefore, a perfectly spherical real freshwater pearl is extremely rare and if you find one, it will be very expensive!! Some imperfections like small blemishes and irregularities are good signs that your pearl is real.

2- They are not smooth! Brush your teeth, then rub the pearl against your front teeth. How does it feel? A Fake pearl typically slides very smoothly. However, a real pearl will have a gritty feeling (just like if you tried doing this on my favorite ring, and read one of my special customers review on it). Almost like rubbing sand side to side against your teeth.

3- They don't glide smoothly! What about rubbing two pearls against each other? Again, fake pearls typically glide smoothly. Natural pearls are a little rough and gritty. Try this with this simple and elegant Earrings. Real pearls will also leave a little powder on the surface where you rubbed them against each other.

4. No two natural pearls look exactly the same! For example, if the pearls on your earrings are 100% the same, they are fake. However, don't rush this test. Look closely for minor differences if the pearls looked similar. Minor differences are sufficient for the pearls to pass this one test. 

Finally, do not make your conclusion based on one test only. I recommend that you apply at least two tests. I hope this helps you on your next order of pearls jewelry. If you are looking for some Genuine and Affordable ones, visit for a variety of collections. We have what you are looking for, whether it is Genuine Freshwater Pearls Jewelry or Simulated Pearls Jewelry.

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